The main event dashboard is where you can see your past and upcoming events, create a new event, archive, and delete an event. You can access the dashboard at any time by clicking on the zkipster logo at the top left of the screen.

Please also check the Permission Scheme assigned to you on an event level. You can also learn more in the article here.

Find the step-by-step information in the sections below.

Create Event

From the event, dashboard click on the 'Create Event' button located at the upper right of your screen.ย 

Adding Event Details

1. Start with the Name of the Event.

2. Select the Type of Event. You can select the type of event from the drop-down options or create a new one if the category you are looking for is not available. Once saved, the new group of events will be available in the drop-down options.

3. Select your Event Location Type:

6. Select the Start and End Date of the Event. โ€“ Please Note: Max. run time is 90 days

7. Select the Time Zone. zkipster will assign the time zone based on your event location. You can always change the time zone manually, but keep in mind this affects all event data during check-in.

8. Upload Event Logo and Image (Optional) โ€“ Please Note: Files must be smaller than 2 MB. The image and logo will display in the zkipster app inside the event.

Edit Event

To edit an event use the 'Event Settings' section on the left side menu. Users can change the name of the event, event date, and time or toggle off the invitation, seating, name badge printing, consent form and covid certificate features.

Users can also access the event settings from the main event dashboard via the pencil icon located on the right of each event.

Delete Event

To delete an event, click on the trash can icon on the right of the event. A warning message will show on your screen confirming that you permanently want to delete this event together with the data available within it.

Please note: Only upcoming events can be deleted using the trash icon. For past event deletion, you first need to archive the event. Keep in mind that only zkipster Account Owners and users with an Administrator event permission scheme can permanently delete archived events.

Archive event

To archive past event/s use the archive icon on the right of the event itself or the Action menu under past events. All archived events will be available in your archived list, where Account Owners and users with an Administrator event permission scheme can choose to permanently delete the event/s or unarchive the event at any time.

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