Sessions Check-in Improvements

June 2022

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We are excited to announce the latest release of check-in improvements in zkipster's Sessions feature on the mobile app. This release has introduced two new ways of checking your guests into your event's sessions:

  • Via QR Code Scanning on the Sessions View

  • Via the Guest Detail

Please note that Sessions is only available on Professional and Enterprise plans.

Checking Guests into Sessions via QR Code Scanning

Before this release, event hosts were only able to scan their guests' QR codes via the event's Guest List view on the app. However, this release now allows them to also open the QR Code Scanner on the Sessions view in order to check guests into their session(s).

Once the QR code is scanned in the Sessions view, the guest profile is displayed and the event host will be able to check guests into the respective session by pressing the 'Check-in' button.

If the 'Check-in Guest After Scan' function is enabled, the guest will automatically be checked into the session after the QR Code is scanned.

If the guest presenting the QR Code during check-in is included on the main event's guest list, but not yet registered in a session, a new pop up window now gives the event host the option to either

A) Register the guest in that specific session list or
B) Switch to the Guest List view instead

Checking Guests into Sessions via the Guest Detail

Even hosts are also now able to check guests into a session directly via the Guest Detail. This comes in handy when you need to check a guest into a session but are currently on the Guest List view on the mobile app.

Instead of having to switch to the Sessions view in order to check guests into their sessions, the host is now able to see the session(s) that guest is registered for by clicking on the 'Sessions' section of their Guest Detail. From there, simply click on the 'Check-in' button to check the guest into the respective session:

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