FAQs on Using QR Code in zkipster

Commonly asked questions and use cases around using QR Codes in zkipster.

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Enhancing Event Experience with QR Codes in zkipster

Q: We are subscribed to Essentials Plan, can we use QR codes with zkipster?

A: Yes, you can use QR codes with zkipster on the Essentials Plan. One thing to note is that you would have to use QR codes generated outside of zkipster and add the code values of those barcode or QR code in a custom field when you first upload your guest list. If you intend to generate QR Codes in zkipster through the Invitations feature, you would need to be on the Professional or Enterprise plan levels.

Q: We have multiple events running in the next few days, can the guest use the same QR code on all events?

A: Yes, the guest can use the same QR code on all events. You can do this configuring the QR code with a custom value. For example, it could be 'first name' and 'last name', 'email address', or a custom field that you have created. In order for this to work, you have to make sure that the custom value should be the same exact data and is present on all events' guest lists. This includes capitalization, spelling, etc.

To do this, under Composer, scroll down to QR code and toggle it to ON. Scroll down to QR code Value, then click on the Custom ID radio button, and choose First Name, Last Name.

Q: My guest registered but did not receive the QR code.

A: If the guest did not receive the QR code after they registered, you can resend the confirmation email to guest via the invitation that was sent. Click on the invitation and go to the Form tab report:

Scroll down to Form Report and select the guest you want to send the confirmation email then click the 'Action' dropdown to resend:

Q: How many QR codes does a main guest and their +1s need in order to check-in to the event? And what if they arrive separately?

A: If you are using the Total Guest field to account for +1s, the QR code will only be generated for the main guest, and then they can share it to their +1s if they are arriving separately. During check-in, every time the QR Code is scanned, the main guest's details will come up on the device screen and your event host will be able to check-in the main guest or their +1s. Please see screenshot below.

Pro-tip: If you want the +1s to have their own QR code, then you can use zkipster's Guest Relationships feature.

Q: Can we block QR codes from being scanned again once the main guest (and their +1s, where applicable) are already checked-in?

A: Unfortunately, it is not possible to block QR codes from being scanned however, once a QR code is scanned where the main guest and their +1s are already checked-in, the door staff will be able to confirm and see on the zkipster mobile app that everyone are already checked-in.

Q: Can I generate a unique QR code for each guest and export the QR code. I want to send them their individual QR code.

A: You can use our Name Badge feature to export your guests' QR Codes. To do this, select a badge template that contains a QR Code and then use the 'Create PDF' button to export a PDF with your guests' QR Codes. Please note since it is on a PDF form, you would need to manually 'cut' every QR Code in order to send it to individual guests.

Q: Is it possible to send a guest two QR codes? Say, one QR code for parking and one code for checking into the event?

A: You can send your guest 2 separate emails with QR code in it. For the parking QR code email, you can create a custom field where the guest will enter their plate number, for example. As for the check-in QR code, you would just have to create the email per usual process.

Q: Some of my guests already confirmed and received their individual QR code. If I resend the invitation, will both QR codes from the first and second invitation work?

A: If you are sending the guest the same invitation you have sent them previously, they will receive the exact same QR code; unless you have manually changed the QR code configuration after you sent the first invitation. Basically, the default value of the QR code is the guest unique ID in your event. Having said this, even if you sent 5 different emails with QR code enabled to the same guest, the QR Codes will have the same value.

Q: Does the QR Code supports both Google wallet and Apple wallet?

A: Our QR Codes are only supported on the Apple Wallet, from iOS devices at the moment. We have shared this feedback with our Product Team for consideration in future releases and improvements.

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