Q: Is the app available in multiple languages and countries?

A: Yes. The zkipster app is available for use and purchase in all countries worldwide.
At this point, the main interface is only available in English. The zkipster app, however, supports any language. For example, when inputting special characters (i.e. Chinese characters) for guest fields and guest data, the fields will be fully readable and accessible on the app and in the reports.

It is possible to search in any language and for any special character as the zkipster app uses your preferred keyboard, which you select on your Android or iOS device settings.

Q: How many devices can be used at once with zkipster?

A: It is possible to use as many devices as needed with zkipster.

Some things to keep in mind:

  • The more devices connected to one WiFi network the less stable that network will become, which may create check-in lag.
  • When using multiple devices, use WiFi hotspots whenever possible. This will provide you with more control over the stability of the network.

This article will also provide great information on recommended devices to use with zkipster and some other performance recommendations.

Q: Is it possible to use the same username across multiple devices?

A: Yes. However, we highly recommend creating additional user logins for every permanent team member working on your events in zkipster for security and accountability reasons. This article breaks down how to create and assign users to events.

Here is an overview of how many unique user roles you can create per zkipster account:

  • Single Event plans and Basic Monthly/ Annual subscriptions - 5 Users
  • Professional Monthly/ Annual subscriptions - 10 Users
  • Enterprise plans - 25+ Users

For more details on subscription plans, please get in touch with our Client Relations team at sales@zkipster.com.

Q: Can I import multiple guest lists in zkipster?

A: Yes, zkipster allows users to import as many guest lists as needed. The number of Main Guests allowed will depend on the event plan purchased:

  • Basic Single Events allow for up to 750 Main Guests
  • Professional Single Events and Professional subscriptions will allow you to import an unlimited number of guests via the browser. For events with 2000+ guests, please refer to our tips and recommendations when working with large guest lists in zkipster.

This article will additionally provide you with all the details you need when importing an excel guest list in zkipster.

Q: Can I check in my guests using QR codes and barcodes?

A: Yes. It is possible to scan QR codes and barcodes on any plan in zkipster - enabling you to check in your guests even quicker! Check out this article on how the QR code scanning feature works on the app.

Q: Can I upgrade an event if I need to add more guests or want to use some of the Professional Features?

A: Yes. For all Pay-per-Event users on a Basic Single Event, it is possible to upgrade events to the Professional Single Event. There will be an orange 'Upgrade' button next to the event name when on the Main Event screen. This article will go over the steps for how this is done.

Q: Which zkipster plan is best for me?

A: This article will provide you with a detailed overview of each plan and pricing with zkipster.

If you are planning on running multiple events over a short period of time or throughout the year, reach out to sales@zkipster.com to speak with our Client Relations team.

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