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November 2022

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We are excited to announce the release of Kiosk Mode in zkipster. This self check-in improvement is a new option on the zkipster app on mobile devices and enables your guests to check themselves in via the QR code scan! Please note that the Kiosk Mode is available on both iOS and Android.

You can activate the 'Kiosk Mode' via the 'More' section (see below, using Dark Mode setting):

In summary, you can select the following for Kiosk Mode:

  • Camera - Option to select the front or rear camera that you will use

  • Check-in Settings - Auto check-in of +1s or allow the main guests to check in their +1s manually

  • Check-in To - Option to select where the guests will be checked in. If you are using the 'Sessions' feature, this option will list all the Sessions available within the event

  • Name Badges - Option to activate and automatically print name badges upon check-in

  • Success Message - Option to add a welcome message once the self check-in has been successful

Once you have enabled the 'Activate Kiosk Mode' button, a pop up screen will appear to create a passcode that you can also use to exit Kiosk Mode:

Here's a GIF sample when scanning the QR code:

Please check out these articles below for more details on how to check in guests to your events in zkipster:

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