There are two ways to account for +1s in zkipster: using the 'Total Guests' field or setting up 'Guest Relationships'. The best way will depend on how you want to manage additional guests in your event.

In summary, the two ways to account for additional guests are:

  • 'Total Guests' field: use this option if you just need to account for the party size of your main guest, and do not require any further information from the additional guests.

  • Guest Relationships: use this option if you want to collect additional guests' information such as First Name, Email Address or Dietary Requirements, for example; if you want to issue unique QR Codes to additional guests or if you need to seat the main guest separately from their +1s on your seating plan.

Accounting for +1s with the 'Total Guests' field

The 'Total Guests' field is a default field and refers to the party size of a particular guest. The value inserted on this field should reflect the number of guests your main guest can bring to your event.

For example, if your main guest John Doe is allowed to bring 2 additional guests to your event, you can set John Doe's Total Guests field to '3' ( 3 = 1 Main Guest + 2 Additional Guests):

Similarly, if your main guest is not bringing +1s, you can set up the total guest field as '1' ( 1 = Main Guest only).

Please check out this article for further information on how to format your spreadsheet to account for +1s using the 'Total Guests' field.

Once you upload your spreadsheet, you have the option to use the Invitations feature, available on the Professional and Enterprise plan levels, to request your main guest to confirm their party size by enabling the 'Total Guests' response field on the RSVP form:

For more information on how to enable the 'Total Guests' field on your RSVP Form, please check out this article.

During the check-in moment, you can press and hold the main check-in button to check-in both your main guest and all of their +1s at the same time, or, you can check-in the +1s separately by pressing the second check-in button:

Learn more on how to check-in guests using the zkipster mobile app via this article.

Accounting for +1s using Guest Relationships

The Relationships feature allows you to define relationships between guests that are part of the same event and can be used to let guests RSVP on behalf of their related guests (as well as show connections between guests on the seating plan).

This comes in especially handy if you want to collect your main guests' +1s information ahead of your event and send unique QR codes to the additional guests using zkipster's Invitations feature, available on the Professional and Enterprise plan levels.

In order to do this, a few steps are necessary. In short, you will need to:

  1. Create placeholder or 'dummy' guest profiles for the additional guests on your guest list spreadsheet.

  2. Define the relationship(s) between the main guests and their additional guests.

  3. Configure the invitation to allow your main guest to RSVP on behalf of their +1s.

Once your main guest RSVPs on behalf of their additional guests, the information provided will replace the placeholders and you will end up with unique guest profiles for the additional guests, and you will be able to provide them with unique QR Codes and seat them separately from their main guest on your seating plan:

For more information on how to account for +1s using the Guest Relationships feature, please check out this article here.

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