The Account Settings are only visible to the Account Owner on any Pay-per-Event as well as any Basic or Professional subscription plans. On the Enterprise plan, Administrator users additionally have access to those settings (in addition to the Account Owner):

Find a breakdown and quick explanation of each Account Settings section below:


The profile is where you can see and edit your profile login information, password, and turn Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for your user login. In this section, Account Owners can also transfer account ownership to a different member of their team.

Account Details

Under Account Details, you can set preferences on the account level in the following sections:


Here you can enter your company/personal information and address. You can update the account information at any time. You can also determine your Date Format (the US or Europe), Sort Order, Display Order, and Default Time Zone for the entire account.

Plans & Billing

In this section, you can see the type of plan you are on with zkipster as well as the next billing date, in case you are on a monthly or annual subscription. Here you can also view and update your credit card details, billing address, and VAT number.
Under Billing History, you can find and download all of your past purchase receipts.

Default Guest Fields

In this tab, you can see all default fields already available in zkipster such as First Name, Last Name, Total Guests. Note that those fields cannot be deleted or renamed. In the Default Guest Field section, you can add up to 10 additional custom fields on account level which will then be available at every event you create in zkipster.
The article here explains how to create custom fields in zkipster.

Domain Setup

If you have purchased a Professional Plan and are planning on using zkipster's invitation feature, you can whitelabel your domain and email addresses in this section. To learn more about whitelabeling and email verification, read this article.


This section is where the Account Owner or Administrators can export and download detailed reports and can include information for one or multiple events on the Account Level. To learn more, please check this article here.

Security Section

Under security, you will find the Device Activity and Password Settings Sections:

Device Activity

Here you will be able to see all active devices and users currently logged in to the account. If you are on the Enterprise plan, you are additionally able to revoke access for any devices and manually log users out. Learn more on how to view and manage your devices.

Password Settings

This is another Enterprise feature allowing you to define a specific password policy (such as password length and complexity), reset passwords for all users on the account, and also enable Multi-Factor Authentication all user logins.

In the articles, you can learn more about the Custom Security Policies and manage MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) on the Enterprise plan.

API Access

Available as part of the Enterprise Plan. You can integrate zkipster to other systems in this section, like your CRM to save time through automation for best practice data transfer. Please check this article for integrations that are possible in zkipster.

Connected Accounts

You can connect your zkipster account to Zoom to host virtual events, manage event registrations, or integrate it with other tools via Zapier for automated work. Learn more about the zoom integration in this article or contact the Client Relation team to learn more about Zapier.

Team Members

In this section, you can create new user logins for your account, manage your team members, and assign them access to your events. These articles go over all user roles available in zkipster and how to create and assign a new user to an event.

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