zkipster's response form templates allow you to collect responses to event invitations and view an up-to-date list of attendees right from your zkipster account.

Please note that you are able to set up your form in any language by making use of the 'Display Name' option inside your individual response fields! Find more information on this further down in this article.

Non-transferrable event invitations: In zkipster, your event invitations arrive via email to only the guests you have included on your guest list. Each invitation will link to a response form that is unique to each guest, creating a non-transferrable event invitation.

Follow the steps below to avoid guests overwriting data on their forms. 

Setting up your RSVP form

Page Design

Upload a logo and change the header as well as footer text on the form from this section. You can also turn off the zkipster watermark in the Footer section.

Form Settings

Private Forms

A unique RSVP form link will be generated for each of your guests when using zkipster's invitations and response forms.

If a guest were to forward their invitation onto another person, that person would see the original guest's information automatically populated on the form, but could still potentially overwrite the original guest's data if these fields are not "locked".

To lock response fields for First and Last Name, click on each field to reveal the lock/unlock toggle. This is explained further below, in the Response Fields section of this article.

Public Forms

It is also possible to generate a URL for a blank response form, which we call an open public form. This can be used for to gather RSVPs from anyone with the link, including guests that are not on your existing guest list(s).

Any guest that inputs their information on a public form appears as a new guest in your event. To determine which guest list these new guests will be added to, select the respective list from the 'Add new guests to guestlist' drop down menu once you have switched your form to public.

Please Note: Only turn your form into a Public Form if you wish to open your event to anyone from the public! Review the Private Form section above for more clarity. This article also provides examples of how other clients have used the Public forms to gather responses from an event partner or sponsor. 

Form is Taking Responses
: By default, your form will be set to "taking responses" when you begin building your template. In this specific section, you can set up automatic triggers that will close the form after certain criteria have been met. That includes closing the form:

  • 24 hours or up to 1 hour before the event start time
  • On a specific date and time before the event starts
  • After a certain number of guests, across all guest lists, have confirmed for the event.This number can be seen from the Guest List view under the total "Confirmed" column. This refers to all confirmed guests across all guest lists, if you are sending your invitations to multiple guest lists. 
  • After a certain number of confirmations to one specific response form.This would close the form once a pre-determined number of confirmations has been reached.

In this section, you can also determine a Form Closed Message that will display to your guests once your form has closed and is no longer accepting any more RSVPs.

How to edit the response form after your invitation has been sent:

You can edit your form at any time as it is web based, even if you have already sent your invitation. To do this, find your invitation under the Invitations tab, and click on the overview box of the respective invitation. A new window with invitation reporting details will open. At the bottom of this window, you will see "Form". This article explains further where to find the Form tab. Use this option if you need to manually close the form after reaching capacity of an event.

It is also possible to edit other components of the response form here. Any changes made will go live for the guests viewing the form from that point onwards.

Response Fields

You can use this section to:

  • Toggle specific response fields on your form ON or OFF
  • Customise the Display Name of any of your response fields in order to re-phrase the wording or change the language on your formFor example: Click on the First Name field to change the Display Name to 'Prénom'
  • Create new custom fields for questions and further response options for your guests. Find out more about custom guest fields here in this article.
  • Lock or Require certain fields by clicking on the specific field tab and toggle these options to ON as neededFor example: Click on the First Name field to see the option to lock it
  • Reorder the Response Fields by holding the box icon to the left of the fields and dragging them into the desired location 

How to account for Guest Plus Ones:
Toggle the 'Total Guests' response field to ON and a drop down menu will automatically appear when your form is live. The drop down menu will give your guests the option to RSVP for themselves and any plus ones you have allotted them. This article explains how to assign plus ones for each of your guests when you import your guest list.

RSVP "Confirm" Options

Button Options: Change the text and color of the RSVP button here. Find out how to add a decline option for your guests further below.

Form Response Options:

  • Response Submission for "Confirm": This is the message that will appear after a guest confirms their attendance on your response form. Use this section to:Let guests know a follow up email will be coming shortly with more event detailsProvide an email for guests to reach out to if they would like to invite others to the eventLet them know you're excited to have them! 
  • Show "Add to Calendar" Option: Toggle this option to 'ON' if you would like your guests to be able to add your event to their calendars. The information for the Add to Calendar is automatically populated with the information you set in the Event Details. This includes: the Event Name, Event Start Time/Date and Event Location you determined when you set up your event.
  • Send Confirmation Email: You can send a customized auto confirmation email to your guests. This option is switched to 'ON' by default when you choose the 'RSVP', 'Email and Responses Form' or 'Responses Form' email templates. If you would not like your guests to receive an automatic email you can also toggle this option 'OFF'. Find out how to set up this email here.
  • Team Notifications: Once a guest RSVPs, you can have certain team members be alerted to this with an automatic email notification. You can choose different team members to receive these notifications, or turn this option off completely.

RSVP "Decline" Options

If you would like to add a Decline option to your response form toggle this section from 'OFF' to 'ON'. The sections are exactly the same as in the 'RSVP "Confirm" Options' but feel free to customize the Decline Button and Response Submission Message as you see fit. You can further decide whether guests responding with "Decline" can leave any required response fields empty.

You can additionally set up an Auto Decline Email that will be sent to every guest who declines your event invitation. Use this option to:

  • Tell your guests you are sorry to hear they can't make it
  • Provide further information on other events they might like to attend instead

Find out more about setting up your Decline Email in this article here.

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