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zkipster Events & COVID-19
The zkipster COVID-19 Safe Plan
The zkipster COVID-19 Safe Plan

Here's how to make your event COVID-19 safe using zkipster

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Use the below zkipster features to seamlessly manage your COVID-defined event processes and reassure your guests you are taking all necessary precautions to ensure their health and safety remains your number one priority.


  • Use a Consent Form to obtain your guest e-signature acknowledging they meet the event Health and Safety requirements or confirming they have tested negative for COVID-19, for example. Generate and download a PDF file with guests consent forms for future reference.

  • Use the Consent Form QR code to obtain guest consent at the time of check-in. Share the form with your guests via the generated QR code. Upon scanning the QR code, guests can include the requested information before entering the event. Here is how to use Consent Forms during check-in.

  • Create Custom Guest Fields on your form to ask guests mandated questions and capture critical data. Set these fields to ‘required’ to ensure the guest answers these fields prior to RSVP.

  • Use the Form Attachments feature so that guests can upload COVID-19 certificates and vaccination cards when submitting their RSVP to your event.

Here are some examples:

Have you travelled internationally in the past 14 days? Have you interacted with anyone who has travelled internationally in the past 14 days? Do you feel unwell? Do you have a fever? Do you have a loss of taste or smell?

  • Manage crowd control by setting your Form to close with a customized ‘Form Closed Message’ once a certain capacity has been reached

Pro tip: Include a URL to a waitlist (Standalone Form) on your ‘RSVP Form Closed’ message.

  • Monitor guest attendance numbers and safe entrance flow via the zkipster App. Customize the layout of Guest Fields on the zkipster app to ensure your team has critical guest information readily accessible at a glance

COVID-19 EU Certificate

  • For EU region, activate the Covid Certificate feature when creating a new event or editing the current settings of an existing event and store the guests' certificates as an option.

Check-In Messages

  • Verify guest contact numbers by sending the guest an auto-generated, personalized guest SMS Check-in Message upon event registration

  • Alert your guests to important event details such as where sanitizer stations and complimentary masks can be located

  • Alert your team to the arrival of specific guests

Zoom Integration

  • Provide your guests with the option of virtual attendance via the zkipster built-in Zoom integration. Easily tag each guests’ unique Zoom joining URL in their Confirmation Email to auto-register and track their attendance from within your zkipster guest list

Zapier Integration

  • Powerfully automate data-transfer and remove your team’s repetitive, time-consuming tasks using the ‘plug n ’play’ Zapier integration to connect zkipster with your team’s most commonly used tools.

Here are some examples:

SugarCRM: auto sync Guest Status and Guest contact fields between zkipster and your CRM

Mailchimp: upon check-in, the guest receives an email from marketing

Google Sheets: Get multiple stakeholders in and outside your business to populate your guest lists in zkipster without seeing the wider guest list

Salesforce Integration

  • Empower your team with best-practice, secure data transfer and remove repetitive, time-consuming importing/exporting tasks by harnessing the native Salesforce Integration to connect zkipster with your chosen fields in Salesforce

Guests & Guest Facesheet

  • Streamline your guest list management by color coding specific guests or guest lists needing health or contact information verification.

Here are some examples:

Create Red / Amber / Green colored guest lists depending on your guest's confidence level

Utilize Guest FaceSheets to create visual aids to allow your team to easily identify specific guests


  • Seamlessly manage the collection of additional guest’s contact details using the Share a Table feature. Create a shareable link to send to your Event Host so they can provide their guest/s’ contact details, as mandated by your team. These details are automatically updated in your zkipster guest list. Use these contact details to send new guests a personalized Email/Form with your COVID-safe required questions

If you would like to discuss any of the above with zkipster or any scenarios you need help with, get in touch with or start an online chat in the bottom right of your screen.

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